RoboHelp 10 is an ideal solultion for publishing to multiple devices: HTML5 output expands publishing to a variety of tablets with "device aware" layouts. But RoboHelp is also an ideal authoring tool for collecting and aggregating content from a variety of common file formats.

In the webinar see how to:

  • import or link files from Word
  • import or link files from FrameMaker
  • import legacy files from formats like PDF

Many people producing policies and procedures or help desk sites must capture critical information from many legacy files. This brief webinar will show you examples of just how easy it is to bring files in from multiple formats into a simple RoboHelp project. Naturally, you can still author topics "from scratch" within RoboHelp itself, or combine those new topics with the legacy source file data mentioned above.

Join our special guest, RoboHelp expert Willam van Weelden, for this dynamic presentation, which will be filled with many short, simple, live examples. Willam van Weelden is from Amsterdam and expert in CSS3 design and the new HTML5 standards. (